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Brazilian Balls - Lubricant and massage oil in ...

Brazilian Balls - Lubricant and massage oil in just a ball

Brazilian Balls: The aphrodisiac lubricant and massage oil in exciting fragrances. The Brazilian Balls are made of 100% natural and vegan ingredients. Main ingredient is healthy coconut oil. Brazilian balls are easy and clean to use. No smudging, spilling or leakage of lubrication or massage bottles. The Brazilian Balls have an aphrodisiac effect and heat up your love game even further! The scent is so pleasantly intense that you and your partner  will perceive it.

With us you get the Brazilian Balls in different scents. So that you can find out which is your favorite fragrance, we recommend the 6 fragrances variant. If you like a hot and cold effect, the Brazilian Balls Hot & Cold are the perfect choice for you.

You have the choice between the wedding packs with two Brazilian balls per variety or the Nachschlagration, each with six Brazilian balls.

We made a short Youtube video introducing the benefits of Brazilian Balls:




What makes a good lubricant? It creates a reliable film of lubrication between you and your partner, or between you and a sex toy. High-quality Gleigels lubricate very long and you only need a small amount - a few milliliters are sufficient. A good lubricant should also contain only non-hazardous substances. This requirement is met by all Brazilian Balls as well as by pjur Gleitgele. Brazilian balls are not suitable for use with condoms. So, if you are looking for condom-appropriate gems, make sure you reach for the lubes of pjur. These are not aphrodisiac, but they are completely approved for use with condoms.